Kate Faulkner and Sarah Walker's video guide to landlord insurance Jazz Gakhal and Kate Faulkner

DL4B's Video Guide to landlord insurance featuring experts Kate Faulkner and Sarah Walker

Property experts Kate Faulkner and Sarah Walker explore how landlords can get the most out of their insurance through an exclusive interview with Direct Line for Business director Jazz Gakhal.

These video guides look at how to avoid the common pitfalls of being a landlord and how landlord insurance can keep your rental property running smoothly, exploring the claims process and busting a few insurance myths on the way.

DL4B's Landlord Video Guide Pt 1:
What makes a successful landlord

what makes a successful landlord

Jazz speaks to Kate about how you can get the best return from your rental property by treating it as a business. She explains how successful landlords view their rental income as revenue and are always looking to maximise this income – as well as minimise costs and business risks.

DL4B's Landlord Video Guide Pt 2:
The top 3 problems landlords make claims for

the top 3 problems landlords make claims for

Kate and Jazz discuss the top five issues landlords face and how specialist landlord insurance can help you avoid them.

DL4B's Landlord Video Guide Pt 3:
What happens when you make a claim

what happens when you make a claim

Jazz and Sarah explore the claims process for the top three most common landlord claims and how DL4B help you through the process.

DL4B's Landlord Video Guide Pt 4:
Busting the myths of insurance

      usting the myths of insurance

Sarah and Jazz unravel the common misconceptions surrounding insurance, from the perception that insurers don't pay out claims to the belief that there is a mountain of paperwork to wade through.

DL4B's Landlord Video Guide Pt 5:
Why landlords need public and property owner’s insurance

why landlords need public and property owners insurance

Jazz and Sarah look at how public and property owner’s liability insurance can help you as a landlords – as you look to run your rental property as a business by minimising cost as well as risk.

Jazz Gakhal has worked at Direct Line Group for nearly 10 years and is now the director of Direct Line for Business, covering landlord, home business and van insurance. A landlord herself, Jazz has spoken at the Landlord & Letting Show, and is frequently quoted in the national newspapers on the issues facing landlords today.

Kate Faulkner is one of the leading, independent property experts in the UK and regularly features in the newspaper such as The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, The Daily Mail, and on TV on the BBC, ITV and SKY.

Sarah Walker has worked within the property industry for 13 years, initially as an estate agent and home image consultant. She has also presented the BBC’s ‘To Buy Or Not To Buy’, spoken at property shows and exhibitions, and written extensively for a number of interior style, home and investment publications.

Landlord Insurance Kate Faulkner Video

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2015