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Running a buy-to-let portfolio

Thinking of running a buy to let portfolio? Click through to find out some hints and tips for you on running a buy to let portfolio.

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Please find 16 tips and hints to take into consideration when running a buy to let portfolio.

  • Create a file for each property’s purchase paperwork, including any guarantees
  • Make sure you have the originals or copies of all legally required certificates, licences and the inventory
  • Diarise when annual certificates, such as gas safety and insurance, need renewing
  • Be clear on what your insurance does and doesn’t cover 
  • Check what emergency cover your insurance gives you and note who to call
  • Be clear on what notices you need to issue tenants with in order to regain possession at the end of their tenancy
  • Advise your tenant of when and how they need to give notice to leave
  • Make sure you start to carry out periodic checks on your tenants within a month of them moving in
  • Carry out quarterly periodic checks thereafter
  • Always check the tenant has paid their rent on time and in full 
  • If your tenant defaults on payment, carry out any notices or start an eviction process in the correct legal way
  • Keep a written record of all correspondence with the tenant, whether by letter, email or over the phone 
  • Make sure tenants know who to contact in an emergency and how
  • Carry out any necessary repairs as soon as possible and keep all receipts and guarantees
  • Check with the tenant that repairs have been carried out properly
  • If the tenant gives notice to quit, send them a list of things they need to do for their deposit to be returned
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Last Updated: 19 Mar 2015