Viewing and choosing a buy-to-let property Viewing a buy to let property

Viewing and choosing a buy-to-let property

The third episode of the Buy to Let Show looks at what to consider when choosing a buy-to-let property. Plus, we also provide a buy-to-let viewing checklist to help you find the right property.

  • Checklist for use when viewing a buy-to-let property

    • Checkout the area before you visit the property.
    • Work out what type of let would suit the property, e.g. professionals.
    • What unique features does the property have, e.g. end terrace, corner plot?
    • Compare the property to others available to rent.
    • Research any specific local authority rules, regulations and licence fees.
    • How flexible is the property? Could you turn a two-bed into a three-bed let?
    • What is the Energy Performance Rating on the property?
    • Has the property suffered from any subsidence or flooding?
    • How old are the electrics and boiler?
    • Check and cost works required for the property to be legally let.
    • Work out how long the works will take.
    • Find out if you could get the works done between exchange and completion.
    • How much rent will you secure for the property?
    • Is the rent more or less than last year?
    • Are there any hidden service or ground rent charges on the property?
    • What will it cost to insure the property?
    • Work out how much ongoing maintenance will be needed and at what cost.
    • Calculate your monthly income minus costs, including an allowance for voids.
    • Speak to neighbours about any worries they have over you letting the property.
    • List any problems you may have selling the property in the future.
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Last Updated: 13 July 2017