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Landlords: Sort your properties with the Mobile Landlord app

We've created the Mobile Landlord app to give busy landlords an free, easy-to-use tool to help them manage their properties.

By Jane Guaschi, Business Manager for Direct Line for Business in For Landlords.

landlord app running on mobile

Be it a second job, rent collection, regulation and/or building works, we recognise that landlords are spinning numerous plates every day. As such, we’ve worked hard to develop the Mobile Landlord app.  The app helps make the lives of landlords easier by offering a secure and user-friendly portfolio management tool – with the added benefit that it fits in your pocket.

It allows users to store information on up to five properties at once. Landlords can store tenant information and important contacts, such as electricians and plumbers. The app also features a reminder system that syncs up with the phone’s calendar.

And to help you find out how profitable your property is, the app features a Yield Calculator. It uses property details that include the mortgage, rental income and purchase price to help give landlords a confidently estimate on the return they can expect to make from a property.

Direct Line for Business recognises that landlords range in experience and time spent managing their properties. As such, the app includes a ‘Knowledge Centre’ providing landlords with a wealth of information aimed at informing users on how to get the best from their properties.

Whether it’s your first property or you’re a seasoned landlord, you may just find that the Mobile Landlord can save you time and hassle by putting all of your portfolio information and important contacts in one place. 

You can find it on:

available on the app store available on google play

And as a bonus, it’s completely free.

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Jane Guaschi

Jane Guaschi
Last Updated: 8 Mar 2018