Frequently asked questions

About the Mobile Landlord App

  • Q Can all phones download the app?

    You need an iPhone running on iOS7 or above, or an Android phone with version 4 or later to use the app.

  • Q Is the app available on tablet?

    The app isn’t available on tablet computers at this time. But we’re listening to feedback and may develop a tablet version in the future.

  • Q Do you need internet connection to use the app?

    Yes, you must be online to be logged in and use the app. The reason for this is otherwise information would have to be stored on your mobile device. This is not as secure and would take up storage space on your mobile device.

  • Q I often have to re-enter my password when I’ve just logged in. Why is this?

    If your internet connection is weak or intermittent, you may be logged out. Please just re-enter your password to get back on.

  • Q Will my data be safe on the app?

    All data adheres to the highest level of security and we ensure our partners have the same level of security. For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

  • Q Is the app only for Direct Line customers?

    The app is available to all landlords.

  • Q How do you download the app?

    Click on the link provided and download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. You will need an iPhone to use the App Store and an Android phone to use the Google Play Store.

  • Q Is there a guide to using the app?

    Take the quick tour when you first register with Mobile Landlord. It’ll give you a better understanding of how it works and where everything is.

  • Q How do you add a property and build its profile?

    Once you’ve set up your account and logged in, tap Properties and then ‘Add a property’. Here you can start creating your property’s profile. Upload the property you want to rent out or are currently renting out by adding some basic information.

  • Q How do I add an image to a property profile?

    Tap ‘Click to add photo’. You can then choose to take a new a picture or choose one from an album.

  • Q What other property details can you add or amend?

    You can add rental total, which is the total rent you will receive each month, the freuency (weekly, monthly) and the date the rent is usually due. You can also set the rental period for a property. Specify the dates your property will be rented by setting the Start date and End date.

    If you’re using an estate agent, you can upload their details too. Just tap the ‘Estate Agent’ title and you’ll be able to select the name from your Contacts list. Tap the +’New’ button to finish adding an Estate Agent.

    The app can also store tenant information. To add tenants, you need to tap the ‘Tenants’ title, which will take you to your Contacts list. Scroll through and choose the name or names you want to add. If you want to remove a tenant, visit your Property Details tab. Tap on the previously added tenant, and then select ‘Delete’.

  • Q Can I store the property’s insurance details and set a reminder for when it is due to be renewed?

    Yes, go to the Property Details tab and tap “+”. Under the Type of insurance, choose Landlord. You can also add details of the provider, the policy number and also when the policy is due for renewal. You can set a reminder for when the policy is due for renewal to help you remember. Tap on the ‘Set a reminder’ button and add in when you’d like to be reminded.

  • Q Can I set a reminder for when the rental period is ending?

    Yes, all you have to do is tap the ‘Set a reminder’ to set a helpful reminder of when your rental period is coming to an end. You can choose to be reminded on the last day of the rental period or any time before that. All reminders integrate with your calendar and send notifications even if the app is closed.

  • Q Can you change the property details after it has been added?

    Nothing’s final and all the details in this section can be changed at any time.

  • Q How many properties can I add to the app?

    You can add up to five properties.

  • Q What is the Property Checklist for?

    This section details all the checks you need to make before and during the tenancy period.

    Firstly, the safety checks & inspections checklist is a handy reminder for what you need to take into account to make sure your property is fit for rental, i.e. ensuring gas safety checks have been completed.

    Secondly, the documentation you need to have in order in the lead up to renting it out, such as the lease agreement.

    Lastly, the general tenancy and rental is a handy checklist that includes what to do if the tenant hasn’t paid their rent on time and in full. If rent isn’t paid, it offers handy list on how to give notice.

  • Q What is the Knowledge Centre?

    The Knowledge Centre is a handy resource full of helpful articles for landlords. Browse different categories to find hints and tips to managing your property better.

  • Q What is the Finance tab used for?

    The Finance tab can be used to calculate a property’s rental yield. Once you’ve entered the details of your total annual rental income, the property purchase value and any costs incurred, the yield calculator will display rental yield as a percentage for that period.

    Income and expenditure can also be tracked by tax year and the information that you store can be used to help fill in your tax return.

  • Q What costs does the Finance tab cover?

    In this section once you’ve provided the relevant details, you can store and keep a tally of costs for property outgoings.

    To add a cost you’ll find a Costs section in the Finance tab. Here you can record any expenditure you’ve paid or will be paying for your property. Choose between the following categories:

    • Taxes & bills
    • Fees & subscriptions
    • Mortgage
    • Maintenance
    • Property purchase
    • Insurance

    Income and expenditure can be tracked by tax year and the information that you store can be used to help fill in your tax return.

  • Q What is Estimated Yield Percentage and how is it calculated?

    The figure is calculated by showing how much you’ll earn in rent for your property [minus costs] based on how much the property cost. For example, if there is £3000 of costs (maintenance, taxes etc.) on a property with a value of £200,000 and the rent totals £15,600 a year, then net income is £12,600 and yield is 6.3%.

    Total Annual Rent – Annual CostsProperty Value = Estimated Yield Percentage

  • Q What is the Notes tab used for?

    This section gives you a place to store other property details such as for the Alarm code, the council tax band, the EPC rating, and the utilities and internet and phone provider names.

  • Q How do I add or amend a note?

    In the Notes tab of your property overview, you can add a special note. Call it anything you want to help stay organised. You can also add an image if you want by taking a new one or choosing from an album.

    If you want to double-check something you’ve noted, you can view a note. Just go to the Notes tab in the property profile and scroll down. When you’re viewing the note, you can make any changes you want.

    You can also delete a note at any time. When you’re viewing the note, scroll down and tap the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the note.