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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Tradesmen and Professionals.
The right cover for the job

Our Public Liability Insurance is designed for both:

  • Tradesmen working on site, in a customer's home or other premises
  • Professionals, such as mobile hairdressers, cleaners or home tutors, working in a customer's home or other premises.

Our cover insures your business against things you’re responsible for, as well as events outside your control. So if you, a partner or an employee is responsible for an accident that causes injury or damage, or someone makes a claim against you for compensation, you can protect your livelihood with as little hassle as possible.

Our Public Liability product gives you the flexibility to extend cover limits and take out optional extras to give you the level of insurance you need.

Multiple levels of cover

Our Public Liability Insurance for tradesmen and businesses with up to 15 employees offers a range of optional extras to give you the cover you need.

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  • Saving you time with your quote

    Please ensure that the information provided by you is correct, and you comply with the statements on this page. If your circumstances change between the date you purchase the policy and the policy start date, please call us. Failure to do so may mean that your insurance policy is not valid or that we may not pay all or part of your claim(s).

    We don’t charge administration fees for mid-term changes to your policy.

    If you decide to cancel your policy during the period of insurance an administration fee for cancellation will apply amounting to 1/12th of your annual premium, up to a maximum of £50.00 (calculated at the time of cancellation, plus current rate of Insurance Premium Tax where applicable).

    The below statements are what you need to agree with for us to be able to offer you this insurance policy.

    Neither You, nor Your Directors nor Your partners:

    • have ever had a proposal for insurance declined, renewal refused, cover terminated, increased premium required or special conditions imposed by any Insurer
    • have ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) with a breach of any health and safety legislation or any other criminal offence other than parking or speeding offences or offences which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
    • are subject to an outstanding County Court Judgement (or the Scottish equivalent)
    • are subject to bankruptcy or insolvency orders which are either outstanding or have been discharged for less than 5 years

    The number of persons permanently working manually in the business (total of Proprietors, Partners, Employees, Working Directors, Labour Only Sub-Contractors and Trainees) does not exceed the maximum allowed of 15 [for tradesmen and professionals].

    Your business does not:

    • use, handle, store or transport hazardous substances, such as Radioactive Substances/Devices, Explosives, or materials giving rise to dust, fumes or vapours, discharge toxic or dangerous substances into the atmosphere, waterways or elsewhere [for tradesmen only]
    • undertake work on or have under your control Cranes, Passenger Lifts and Escalators [for tradesmen only]
    • use scaffolding (other than scaffolding towers) unless erected by a specialist scaffolding contractor [for tradesmen only]
    • operate in what may be considered a high risk environment, such as Nuclear Plant/Power Stations, Gas or Chemical Works, Oil Refineries/Bulk Oil Storage, Off Shore Structures, Airfields/Airports, Railway Property, Quarries, Towers, Steeples, Chimney Shafts, Bridges, Viaducts, Flyovers, Underpasses, Docks, Harbours, Piers, Wharves, Dams, Reservoirs, Lakes, Rivers, Foundries or Forges
    • undertake work involving the following activities: Tunnelling, Mining, Piling, Ground Stabilisation, Underpinning, Dewatering, Water Diversion, Flood Protection, or Sea Defences.
    • carry out any work on gas appliances or installations unless undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer [for tradesmen only]

    Your business complies with all statutory requirements controlling exposure to noise as laid down in the current Control of Noise at Work Regulations [for tradesmen only].

    If any of the assumptions above are not true please call us.

Policy documents

View and download policy documents here

The following policy documents apply to policies that were bought or renewed before 12 August 2016. Please choose the correct trade.

The following policy documents apply to policies that were bought or renewed on or after 12 August 2016. Please choose the correct trade.

Legal Document Service

Included as standard when you buy or renew a policy from 1st February 2016.

Register or log in to Direct Line for Business Legal Documents Service.

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Frequently asked questions

About Public Liability Insurance

  • QWhat is the Insurance Act 2015?

    The Insurance Act 2015 is a new piece of UK government legislation that becomes effective on the 12th August 2016. The purpose of this Act is to update the law in certain areas in line with best practise in the modern UK insurance market. To find out more and how it could affect you please go here:

  • QHow long is a quote valid for?

    Your quote is valid for up to 30 days from the day you receive it.

  • Q What if I don't have an email address?

    To get a quote online you’ll need to enter a valid email address. If you'd like help getting a quote, call us on 0345 303 1761.

  • Q What if I haven't got a business name?

    The Business name field is mandatory only for Limited company or Partnership. You can leave it blank if you are a sole trader.

  • Q What if my trade is not on the list?

    If you can't find your exact trade, or one that best matches what you do on the list provided, please call us on 0345 303 1756. Calls may be recorded.

  • Q What do I do if I have multiple trades?

    Our online quote tool gives you the option to enter all your trades so that we have a clear idea of what type of cover you might need. It's important that we know everything that you do.

    If you don't include something you do as a trade, then we might not be able to cover any claims. You have a duty to make a fair presentation of your business at all times, so if you are in any doubt about what information or changes you need to disclose then chat to us online or call us on 0345 878 5622.

  • Q What does Public Liability cover?

    This provides cover against your legal liability for death or bodily injury (other than to an employee) and / or loss or damage to third party property arising out of the operation of your business.

  • Q Can you cover my van under the tradesman policy?

    Unfortunately your van is not covered under the tradesman policy but Direct Line does offer Van Insurance as a separate product. If you would like to get a quote you can do this online or call us on 0345 301 2882. Calls may be recorded.

  • Q What is the maximum number of people I can cover for manual work?

    Subject to the total numbers of persons engaged in the business not exceeding 15 at any one time Tradesman Insurance can be extended to cover a maximum of 50 days worked in total by all temporary employees.

  • Q What does Employer's Liability cover?

    This insures you against claims for compensation from employees following injury for which you are legally liable.

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