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Freelancers & Contractors

Becoming a contractor in your chosen field, or setting up a freelance business requires energy and time, as well as help and guidance about how to get the most out of your independent status.

Our Small Business Knowledge Centre has the information that you need to startup as a freelancer or contractor and get on the pathway to being happily self-employed.

Tips for freelancers and contractors

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1.91 million

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the estimated number of freelance workers in the UK in 2015, according to LFS data*

* source:

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the percentage of the UK workforce that freelancers comprised in 2015*

* source:

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freelance sound engineer

the percentage increase in the number of freelancers since 2008*

* source:

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Tips for freelancers and contractors

The roles of a freelancer cover a range from professional creative roles such as designers and photographers, to trade contractors, such as electricians and plumbers.

If you’re thinking of starting up as a freelancer but don’t know where to begin, our Small Business Knowledge Centre could help.

From the practicalities of working from home, to bookkeeping and tax obligations that you’ll face as a small business owner, we’re here to support you in your enterprise and help you find the right insurance for your business needs.

Take a look at the articles below to get started with setting up your business, or click here to find out more about our small business insurance options.

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