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Home crafters and creative entrepreneurs

Handicraft is big business for many freelance workers whether they’re looking to build on their existing income, or start an entire business.

Using their skills and creativity, these entrepreneurs generate millions of pounds to the economy each year.

Our practical advice for craftspeople will help you to keep your business running smoothly so you can focus on being creative.

Tips for people who run a business selling handmade goods and crafts

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the percentage of the population in England that participates in craft activities*

* source:

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£3.4 bn

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the amount contributed by crafters to the economy each year*

* source:

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£376 million

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the amount crafters were worth to the Christmas economy alone in 2014*

* source:

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Practical help for home crafters

Crafters work across a range of mediums to create their products. These can include traditional handicraft past times such as sewing and knitting, to more modern approaches like upcycling.

Often, crafters are independent retailers or small businesses that sell their products online through shops like Etsy and eBay.

If you are looking to set up a freelance handicraft business, our Small Business Knowledge Centre has the information you need to help you get started.

From how to work effectively from home, to bookkeeping tips, we’re here to support you in your enterprise and guide you towards finding the right insurance for your business.

Take a look at the articles below to get started with setting up your business, or click here to find out more about our small business insurance options.

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