Top tips to consider when buying a van Top tips to consider when buying a van

Tips when buying a van

If you’re looking to buy a new van then there are a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure that you get the right van.

To Buy, or Not to Buy: That is the Question

If you’re looking to get your hands on a new van then there are a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure that you get what you want, get what you need and, most importantly, get what you can afford. We’ve put together some tips which we hope will enable you to achieve just that.


Wants and needs may be more exciting than thinking about budget but really any starting point when you set out to buy a new van has to be working out what you can actually afford. It may sound dull but it’s better than struggling to make ends meet.


  • Do you have any savings that could be used towards your new van?
  • Will you have to borrow money? If so, can you afford to make the monthly repayments? To work out how much you can comfortably borrow consider using an online loan calculator.
  • What other costs will be involved in running the particular vehicle you’re after? Think: road tax, van insurance, fuel, maintenance, breakdown cover.
  • What type of van do you need and want?


Knowing what kind of van you need will not only narrow down the great van hunt (potentially saving you time and money) but it will also help determine your budget. There are the obvious questions like whether the van is for private use or for your business, but answering the questions below should enable you to establish what you really need.


  • How regularly will the van be used?
  • What and who do you need to transport?
  • Where do you travel?
  • What is the environmental impact of running the van?
  • Are issues such as speed and power steering relevant?
  • What safety and security features (e.g. air bags, security devices, etc.) do you require?
  • How will the van be affected by depreciation?
  • What is the van’s reliability reputation?


Making a list of ‘wants’ will narrow your search down further but be aware that those little ‘extras’ could increase the cost of your van and the fussier you are, the longer it could take to get the van you’re after. Compromise may be in order! But, if your van is your workhorse then it’s essential that it meets your criteria. If you want any modifications (e.g. signage, refrigeration) made to your van then make sure you tell your van insurance provider as some modifications could invalidate your insurance.


  • What extras do you want in your van?
  • What modifications do you want to make?

Buying a new vehicle can be a daunting task but hopefully by setting a budget and being clear on what you need and want from your van will make your van purchasing journey a smooth one. Once you’ve found the van of your dreams don’t forget to get all the paperwork in order – vehicle registration, tax and van insurance policy – so you can take to the road. Happy searching!

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Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017