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Subsidies For Private Landlords: Are You Entitled?

If you’re a private residential landlord, you may be entitled to a range of subsidies. Read on to find out what’s available, so you don’t miss out

There are a number of grants you should look into if you’re planning on making your rental properties more energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

And if you make these changes, you’ll help your tenants save on energy bills, as well as make your property more attractive to new tenants. Or to buyers, further down the line.

Check the details with your tax advisor, your local Council, or at, as quite a few of the ‘green’ grants are time-limited. So you must do the works and apply for the subsidies before a certain date.

Landlord’s energy-saving allowance (lesa)

  • for buying and installing specific items (like loft and floor insulation)
  • £1,500 per residential let building (not per flat)
  • you must use it before 6 April 2015

Green deal insulation grant

  • cavity wall, loft, new boiler, and solid wall insulation
  • anyone can apply
  • you and your tenant must agree to install and use the Deal measures
  • requires energy survey for the property (£100) and quotes from different installers
  • pay for energy-efficient insulation through fuel bill reductions resulting from the measures
  • commercial loan, NOT a government grant

Energy company obligation (eco)

  • part of Green Deal for landlords with tenants on low incomes or Housing Benefit OR
  • buildings where installation is very expensive (e.g. listed buildings)
  • separate grant to reduce installation costs and, sometimes, a refund of the survey fee

Council grants

  •  vary by individual Council
  • cover partial cost of improvements like extra toilets, kitchen, insulation measures, and fire detection system
  • dependent on use as rental property for fixed period after installation
  • some restrictions on how works are done

Warm front grant

  • for tenants on certain benefits renting in private sector (your tenant must apply)
  • energy-efficiency advice AND
  • property-specific insulation and heating improvements up to £3,500 value
  • saves money on energy and heating bills
  • first come, first served so apply quickly and find out when next round starts

Landlord green appliance scheme

  • Scotland only
  • up to £500 towards cost of replacing old appliances with energy-efficient one
  • for fridge-freezer, fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher
  • grant value varies by appliance type and energy-efficiency rating


There are a number of helpful websites with more information on these, and other, subsidies for private landlords. Look into them now and you could find new ways to maximize your income.

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Last Updated: 20 Mar 2015