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Stolen laptop? Damaged mobile? We'll replace your essential tech within 24hrs of claim approval, with Business Tech Essentials.

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  • We won't be beaten on price. We'll beat your new business insurance quote or renewal premium from any other insurer.

    New customers only. Cover on an equivalent basis to ours. Qualifying criteria apply. Terms & Conditions.

An office insurance policy that you design yourself

We understand that every business is different and the risks associated with your business are not going to be the same as everyone else's. If you're a one-person enterprise running your business from home, you're not going to be looking for the same type of insurance as someone managing 20 employees in a rented office.

That's why Direct Line for Business provides flexible cover that can be tailored to suit your unique business needs. So, whether you're an accountant, a designer or estate agent, you can get insurance that is just right for your business.

Only you know what's right for your company, so rather than dictate what should or should not go into your policy, we put you in charge. Using our online quote tool you can select the different aspects of your business that you want to insure. This could include insuring your business against cyber security threats, damage to your equipment or claims made by clients you are giving advice to. See what different cover types you can include in your policy below.

A policy that allows your business to grow

Businesses evolve and change over time, and the type of insurance you take out while you're getting started might not reflect what your business looks like in a few years.

We don't want you to be stuck with a policy that no longer works for you. So, if you move to bigger offices, add new members to your team, buy expensive new equipment or expand your services, we'll let you amend your insurance without having to pay admin fees or take out a new policy. Your policy can grow with your business so that you can keep looking to the future.

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Your cover options

You can include any of the following cover options in your insurance policy to get the precise cover your business needs. These covers are subject to policy conditions and limits.

  • Professional indemnity

    If a client claims that you've given negligent advice, causing them to lose money or suffer reputational damage, they could sue you. Professional indemnity insurance covers your legal expenses and any compensation costs you are liable to pay.

    Some examples of behaviour that could be deemed as negligent include:

    • a consultant who advises a client to make a decision that results in the client losing business
    • an architect who produces and provides incorrect plans
    • an illustrator who makes errors in their drawings, delaying the publication of a book

    In all these cases, professional indemnity would cover the costs of legal action, should the client decide to make a claim against you. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, you could still incur costs to defend yourself.

    There are some businesses that we cannot cover for professional indemnity. Learn more about which occupations we can and cannot insure.

  • Public liability

    Public liability covers you if you accidentally damage a client's property or someone injures themselves on your premises. An example of this could be a member of the public using your office bathroom and slipping on a wet floor. If they became injured and took you to court, public liability would cover the costs you have to pay. We can offer cover from £1 million to £10 million.

  • Employers' liability

    Employers’ liability insurance is legally required if your business employs anyone, even on a casual basis. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which you can read about here.

    If an employee sues you because they become ill or suffer an injury as a consequence of the work they do for you, employers’ liability insurance will cover the costs you are required to pay.

  • Buildings cover

    If there is an insured event such as a flood or fire in your office and the building is damaged, our cover will pay the costs of reinstatement or repairs; this includes paying for debris removal and architect fees.

    This cover is also applicable if you rent and have installed fixed shelving, a kitchen or bathroom.

    The cover also includes boiler and fire/burglar alarm repair as standard (for items forming part of the buildings), although the damage must not be due to wear and tear.

  • Contents and equipment cover

    If you rent or own an office, you may want to cover your office contents, equipment and documents. You can also cover your expensive electrical items in case of damage, breakdown (excluding wear and tear) or theft.

    We also offer a cover option that allows you to insure these items on the go, which is helpful if you go on site visits or work at different places. If your work laptop fell on the ground and the screen cracked, we’d cover the cost of replacing it.

    And now with Business Tech Essentials, if your essential tech is stolen or damaged, we'll replace it within 24 hours from claim approval.

    When you cover your electrical items and tech you get Business Tech Essentials. Which means if your essential tech - like laptops, mobiles or tablets - are stolen or damaged we'll replace them within 24 hours of claim approval.

    Cover & claim limits apply. Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, except Bank holidays.

  • Business interruption

    You can chose business interruption cover if you've insured your premises, contents, or business property away with us. So whether you run your business from your own office or a shared office space, if your working premises become unusable due to an insured event such as fire or flood, business interruption will cover the costs of relocating and any lost turnover during this time.

    If you regularly work at your client's site, and their office is damaged and has to close, you'll need to find somewhere else to work. Even worse than this, they might not be able to trade, meaning you've lost business until they can set up elsewhere. We can cover this loss up to a limit of £50,000.

    If your equipment is stolen or damaged, for example if you break your laptop and can't work, business interruption can cover the loss of turnover.

    Our business interruption cover can insure you if you or one of your key employees becomes seriously disabled and is unable to continue work. We will cover the incurred costs, up to £25,000, to minimise any interruption to the business.

  • Theft of takings

    If your business handles money, this policy will cover you in case of theft from your premises or while in transit. This insurance also covers your business if money is stolen from anyone working for you.

  • Cyber cover

    If you hold sensitive customer data, process payments online or just want peace of mind, Cyber cover should be considered. Because cyber criminals can be clever. Catching you off-guard and tricking you in to doing something you shouldn't, like opening an attachment in a fake email, or finding a way through your cyber-security. If this happens and they get their hands on your data or access to your bank account, the impact on your business could be devastating.

    But, with our Cyber cover, you can call the experts, 24/7. They'll be on it, helping you to stay in business and recover in three ways following a cyber incident:

    Recover financially

    • Covering loss of business income
    • Covering recovery costs, like fixing damage to your computer systems or data restoration
    • Covering fines (where insurable by law) and compensation costs following a data breach

    Recover your reputation

    • You get access to public relations and crisis management experts to minimise damage to your brand and business.

    Recover your systems and help prevent future incidents

    • Technical experts will help fix your IT issues and provide advice on how to prevent future cyber incidents.

    Read more on Cyber cover here.

    Available on new and renewal policies only. For Retail and Office & Professional customers only.

  • Legal expenses

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Policy documents

If you have an existing quote or policy with us, you can view and download your policy documents from the My Account page.

We tailor all our policies, so your documents only show what you’ve chosen to cover.

Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 25 October 2020 onwards, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.