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Public liability insurance for hairdressers & barbers

If you're a hairdresser or a barber, making your clients look their best is vital for success. Direct Line for Business Hairdressing Insurance makes it easy to choose the cover you need so you can focus on making your customers happy.

As a hairdresser or barber, you'll face a variety of risks during an average day. These could be anything from staining a client's clothes with hair dye, to a client having an allergic reaction to one of your products. So, it's worth getting the right hairdressing insurance for your business just in case the unexpected happens.

Types of hairdressing business we insure

Whether you run a hair salon, a barber shop, a hair & beauty treatment centre, or you're a self-employed hairdresser, our hairdressing insurance can be personalised to meet your needs.

If you're ready to find out more, you can build a policy that's right for your business using our quote tool.

And if you're still not sure, our experts will explain what each option covers you for.

What cover and benefits do you offer?

Whatever type of hairdressing business you have, our policy includes public and product liability insurance as standard. This means you're covered if a member of the public is injured or a third-party property is damaged due to your work activities.

As with any industry or sector, accidents can happen, so there's always a risk of being sued. If a client slips on a wet floor and gets injured while they're visiting you, or if you damage the floor of their home by spilling dye on it, they can sue.

Similarly, if you're a mobile hairdresser or barber, there are only so many things you can do to minimise the risk of an accident in your client's home — making it impossible to remove every possible hazard.

We'll cover your legal costs should a case be made against you, and if you're found to be at fault, compensation (up to the chosen limit) and the claimants' legal costs.

Optional extras for Hairdressing & Barber Insurance

Every day is different for hairdressers and barbers. Whether you work in a salon or visit a client's home, our hairdressing insurance can offer extra cover as and when you need it.

We offer hair and beauty treatments liability cover. The cover insures you if a treatment you provide causes injury or illness. For example, if you cut a customer's ear during a haircut.

If you take out treatments liability cover, the following treatments come as standard depending on your profession.

Description of cover Hairdresser Barber
Washing, cutting, styling and drying of the hair, wigs or hairpieces check icon check icon
Wet and dry shaving including face massage check icon check icon
Beard and eyebrow trimming or shaping check icon check icon
Traditional Turkish ear hair flaming and nose hair waxing check icon check icon
Tinting, dyeing, bleaching, permanent waving or special treatment of the hair check icon check icon
Attachment of hair extensions check icon check icon
Eyebrow plucking, shaping, threading and tinting check icon check icon
Eyelash curling, perming, tinting and eyelash extensions check icon check icon

If you run a hair, nail, or beauty salon (or a combination of all three), our treatments liability cover includes specific treatments as standard. You can also add other treatments too.

Here are just some of the treatments you can get cover for:

  • Hairdressing
  • Make-up
  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Nail building
  • Nail treatment and nail extensions
  • Shaping and plucking of eyebrows
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
  • Eyelash extensions

Check the full range of treatments covered

Just starting as a beauty therapist or beautician and want to get insured?

You don't need to be a member of any associations or guilds to take out our beauty insurance. All we ask is that you're appropriately qualified for the treatments you're carrying out.

If you insure your business premises where you work, we'll include equipment breakdown cover as standard. This will cover repair costs if you need to fix or replace your boiler (excludes wear and tear). It also covers other built-in machinery like burglar alarms and air-conditioning systems.

If you insure the business equipment you use, such as washers/dryers and UV nail lamps, we'll include equipment breakdown cover as standard. This will pay for repair costs if you need to fix or replace your equipment (excludes wear and tear).

If you're keeping stock, such as beauty products and styling tools, then this optional extra provides cover if an insured event happens, such as a break-in or a fire or flood that damages the stock. Maximum limits apply.

Theft of takings covers cash stolen from you in transit, from a safe, or on you while you're working at other premises, such as your clients' homes. Maximum limits apply.

Personal accident cover provides payment if anyone in your business between the ages of 16-75 is unable to work because they've been injured in an accident, whether in a business or personal capacity.

We'll pay a lump sum of £50,000 if there is an accidental death, accidental loss of limbs or sight, or if someone in your business becomes permanently disabled following an accident.

If someone in your business is unable to work due to a temporary injury, then after 7 days we'll pay their normal net weekly earnings up to £500 for up to 104 weeks.

You can choose Personal Accident cover as an add-on to your hairdressing insurance once you've completed your quote.

If you have commercial premises, you can extend your cover, for an additional premium, to include property damage as a result of an Act of Terrorism. We'll cover you up to the maximum sum insured on your policy for buildings, contents, and business interruption (depending on which covers you have taken).

This includes:

  • the rebuild of buildings damaged beyond repair
  • cover for damage or loss of your business contents, stock, and computer equipment, to help you get back up and running.

If you choose business interruption cover, you can extend this to include cover for reduced turnover and the costs of setting up elsewhere, due to damage to your premises resulting from an Act of Terrorism. It will also cover you not being able to access your premises as a result of an Act of Terrorism within 1 mile of your business.

Acts of Terrorism are defined as damage caused by someone acting on behalf of, or in connection with, any organisation which uses force or violence to overthrow or influence the UK government.

Terrorism cover is only available for properties located in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Terrorism insurance is optional, so an additional premium will apply.

You can include Terrorism cover on your policy by adding it online or by calling us on 0345 301 5066 when you take out your policy or at renewal, as it cannot be added to your policy mid-term.

Do I need employers' liability cover?

Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Find out more about employers' liability exceptions.

We cover you for up to £10 million as standard. This covers the legal and compensation costs you are required to pay if an employee gets injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you.

Take care of your tech Stolen laptop? Damaged mobile? We'll replace your essential tech within 24hrs of claim approval, with Business Tech Essentials.
Cover & claim limits apply. Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm, except Bank holidays.

Policy documents

If you have an existing quote or policy with us, you can view and download your policy documents from the My Account page.

We tailor all our policies, so your documents only show what you've chosen to cover.

Here you can find a summary of a generic policy, from 25 October 2020 onwards, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.

Frequently asked questions about our hairdressing, barber, and salon insurance

General hairdresser and barber insurance FAQs

If you're a self-employed hairdresser working in a salon, you could be liable for accidents that result in damage to a member of the public's property or injury to a customer. Having your own cover means you can relax and get on with making your clients happy.

No. Our liability insurance only covers you for injury to people and damage to third party property.

No matter how rarely you cut hair or carry out salon treatments, while at work you're facing largely the same risks as other hairdressers, barbers, and salon professionals. It's important for part-time, self-employed, and freelance hairdressers to have insurance, to ensure you're covered in the event that a customer sues you if you cause damage to their property, or injure them while working.

The cost of hairdressing insurance depends on a wide range of factors. These include whether you work in customers' homes, in your own salon, or rent a chair, along with what cover features your business needs. The surest way to find out what you can expect to pay for your cover is to get a quote, either online or by giving us a call, and talking over what you need to insure.

Yes, as long as you select treatments liability cover, tell us which treatments you provide, and are qualified to perform these, treatments liability cover would cover you if a client decided to sue you for damaging or burning their hair or scalp. It would also cover trainees performing the treatments, as long as they are under the direct and continuous supervision of someone qualified to carry out the treatment.

The covers included in your policy will depend on the cover you need for your business. If you get a quote online, or give us a call, we'll guide you through and tell you which options are available for you to choose from. You can then tailor your cover to your business needs.

Hairdressers and barbers often recommend and sell products to clients that will help them get that salon-quality finish at home. Product liability ensures you're covered for cosmetic products or products of any kind that you sell or give to your clients. The cover, which comes as standard alongside public liability, insures you against compensation claims for supplying products that make clients ill or damage their property.

To be eligible to take out a barbers' insurance policy with us, you must hold the relevant qualifications for your profession. Any employees not holding relevant qualifications must be supervised at all times.

Salon insurance FAQs

The cost of salon insurance depends on a variety of factors. Rather than looking for an average figure which may differ hugely from your actual premium, it's best to get a quote online or call our team for a chat about what you need.

Salons are typically busy, with staff and customers interacting in a place where there are sharp objects and hazardous chemicals. Plus, accidents happen in all industries, so public liability insurance for hairdressers is highly recommended if you want to make sure you're covered.

Also, if your salon employs staff, by law you must have employers' liability cover.

Our employers' liability cover would insure you for compensation claims against you from an intern or work experience student. Public liability would also cover relevant claims from third parties against students and interns working at the salon. Treatments liability will cover you for treatments carried out by your students or interns providing that they are under the direct and continuous supervision of another person who holds that relevant treatment qualification.

Yes, if you take out the right cover. Business contents would cover theft of such items as hairdressing chairs and treatment tables. For your stock, business stock would be the insurance you'd need. Maximum limits apply.

You would need to choose business contents to cover any accidental damage by customers.

Yes, our business interruption option will cover your business if you can't trade because of an insured cause, such as a flood or fire, at your salon. You can choose the level of cover that suits your business's needs.

Yes, of course. You can put all of your salons on one policy, making it easy to keep on top of your insurance. You can add salons at any time during the term of your policy. So if you want to wait for the insurance on one of your other salons to expire before you add it to your Direct Line for Business insurance policy, you can.

Mobile hairdresser insurance FAQs

For hairdressers and beauty therapists who work on the move, the cost of insurance depends on a wide range of factors, and because you can tailor your insurance to your needs, there's no 'one size fits all' premium amount.

This means that the only way to get an accurate idea of how much your mobile hairdressing or beauty insurance policy will cost is to get a quote.

Even if clients aren't visiting your premises, public liability insurance for self-employed hairdressers still covers many of the risks you face. Working in customers' homes means there's still expensive damage that could occur should an accident happen.

If you're qualified for the services you provide, optional treatments liability cover will cover you against compensation claims for the hair and beauty treatments on this list that you've chosen to insure.

If you employ anyone in your mobile hairdressing or beauty business, you're required by law to have employers' liability Insurance.

Remember also that your existing vehicle insurance policy probably won't cover you for business use. You'll need to add in commercial use to your policy or take out business van insurance.

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