Equipment breakdown cover

The inconvenience an equipment breakdown could be for your business is something that we probably don't pay attention on our day to day live. Make sure your business is prepared.

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And don't forget the boilers that run our central heating and provide hot water. Most of us know from experience how inconvenient it can be if just one of these things goes wrong and we have to get it fixed or replace it - all of which takes time and money.

So imagine how inconvenient a similar equipment breakdown could be if you are running a business. Not only will it cost money to replace or repair, but it could also cost you money in lost income because your business can't run properly without it.

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Assess your risk

Take a look around your workplace and see if you have any of the following: heating systems and hot water heaters, security and alarms systems, fridges, telephone systems, faxes and printers, computers, food preparation equipment and laundry equipment. These are just a few things that could break down in the course of a working day.

Imagine if the fridges in your storerooms break down and all of the perishable goods inside go off. Imagine if a boiler explodes and you have to shut up shop while you repair the damage. The cost of repairing or replacing any of the above items could be an inconvenience - but it needn't be if you take out equipment breakdown insurance through Direct Line for Business.

We have a number of business insurance policies covering all types of operation, from pubs and hotels to offices and shops as well as for tradesmen. Many of our policies offer equipment breakdown cover as an optional extension and, depending on the policy, can cover you in the event of:

  • Contamination by a hazardous substance
  • Damage to computer equipment
  • Damage to perishable goods
  • Loss of income cover

To find out more about how our different business insurance options can cover you in the event of your equipment breaking down, visit the relevant section of this website.

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