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Personalised insurance for media professionals

In your line of work, reputation is everything. Clients rely on you for your creative flair, understanding of their industry and attention to detail. If you get something wrong, and your client suffers financial loss or reputational damage, they could make a claim against you.

For example, if you’re working on the marketing for a film, and a poster you’ve produced features a spelling error, you could be required to reimburse your clients for production costs.

There are also other risks involved with your line of work, for example if your laptop gets stolen, you may not be able to present to clients. Meanwhile, if you’re working at a client’s premises, and you accidentally cause damage to their property, you will be liable.

Small businesses are not always equipped for the costs of settling a claim or replacing expensive business items. Therefore it’s important to have the right insurance in place, so you’re covered if something goes wrong and you can continue trading.

At Direct Line for Business, we put you in charge of creating your insurance policy. Using our online tool, you can choose what types of cover you want to include to create a policy that is just right for your business.

See what you can include in your policy below.

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Your cover options

Add any of the following cover options to your Marketing, Media and Graphic Design insurance to create a policy for your unique business needs. These covers are subject to policy conditions and limits.

  • Professional indemnity

    Professional indemnity insurance covers your legal and compensation costs if a client accuses you of negligence. For example, if your mistakes on a marketing campaign led to a reputational backlash for your client.

  • Public liability

    Public liability provides cover if anyone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business. For example, if you were meeting a potential client in a coffee shop and spilled your drink all over their laptop. Similarly, if you were at a trade fair and one of your promotional stands fell and hurt a member of the public, this insurance would cover your costs if they made a claim against you.

    Under our public liability cover we are able to offer a limit up to £10 million, and we also include product liability, as standard. So, if your business does sell any products, you’re covered if a customer decides to sue you because of any injury or damage as a result of them.

  • Employers' liability

    If you take on any employees, employers’ liability insurance becomes a legal requirement. Read more about the exceptions to this rule here.

    This liability insurance covers the legal and compensation costs you could have to pay if an employee gets injured or becomes ill because of the work they did for you. At Direct Line for Business, we will cover you for £10 million, as standard.

  • Buildings cover

    It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it’s in an office or at home, if an insured event such as fire or flood damages your business premises, buildings insurance will help pay the costs of repairing any resulting damage. It can also cover debris removal and architects’ fees.

    Direct Line for Business’s buildings cover also includes breakdown cover, as standard (for items forming part of the building). So, if equipment essential to your business breaks down and you need to repair or replace it, this policy will cover it. This could include boilers and fire or burglar alarms. The breakdown must not be due to wear and tear.

  • Contents and stock

    You can insure your business items, including tablets, graphic design hardware and even your furniture, so if your items are damaged or stolen, you can replace them quickly and continue working for your clients.

    If your work requires you to travel frequently, you can extend your policy so that your items are covered on the go. For example, it would be difficult to present to clients without your laptop. Covering it while you’re out of the office means that even if you damaged it beyond repair, we could cover the costs of getting a replacement so you wouldn’t be out of touch for long.

  • Business interruption

    If you can no longer work at your workspace (whether that be your own office, a hot desk or your client’s premises) due to an insured event such as fire or flood, business interruption will cover you as you make arrangements for an alternate location. It will also cover loss of turnover if you’ve insured your premises.

    Our business interruption cover can insure you if you or one of your key employees becomes seriously disabled and is unable to continue work. We will cover the incurred costs, up to £25,000, to minimise any interruption to the business.

  • Cyber cover

    If you hold confidential information on your computer system or operate a business website, you should consider cyber cover. This will safeguard your business in the event that your computer network is breached and pays for costs resulting from cyber crime and investigating cyber ransom demands. It also covers defence and compensation costs if you download and accidentally transmit a virus.

    In addition to this cover, we also provide access to IT forensics and data recovery experts, assistance with identity theft, public relations and crisis management, and advice to help you prevent future attacks.

  • Theft of takings

    If you work with money or cheques then you need to safeguard your business takings against theft. This cover will pay out in the event money is stolen from you, anyone working for you or your premises.

  • Legal expenses

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Frequently asked questions

  • QWhat kind of professionals will you insure?

    We cover many different professionals in the marketing and media industry. Here’s a selection:

    • Advertising consultancy
    • Copywriting
    • Digital marketing consultancy
    • Graphic design
    • Marketing
    • Marketing consultancy

    If you don’t see your profession here, it doesn’t mean we won’t cover you. Just get a quote to receive a complete list of the cover options for your business or call into our contact centre on 0345 8785 622.

Policy documents

If you have an existing quote or policy with us, you can view and download your policy documents from the My Account page.

We tailor all our policies, so your documents only show what you’ve chosen to cover.

Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 15 July 2018 until 31 March 2019, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.

Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 1 April 2019 onwards, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.