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Personalised insurance for your online retail business

Even if you don't work in a typical shop environment, things can still go wrong. If one of your products causes injury to a member of the public, they could file a claim against you. If your stock gets stolen, or hackers subject your website to a cyber attack, you might have to put your business activities on hold. Having the right insurance in place makes it easier to keep your business running when the unexpected happens.

We've insured thousands of businesses over the years, so we understand that what works for one business might not work for another. We let you choose what cover goes into your policy, so whether you sell personalised birthday cards through third party websites or your own range of food products at fairs and online, you'll get insurance that’s just right for your business.

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Your cover options

Add any of the following cover options to your insurance to create a policy that fits your unique business needs. These covers are subject to policy conditions and limits.

  • Public and product liability

    You may not know whether you need public and product liability if you don't physically interact with the public. In reality, your biggest risk is the products you sell. You need public and product liability cover in the event someone becomes sick or injured because of your product. This cover will pay for your legal and compensation costs if a claim is made against you. We can offer cover from £1 million to £10 million, subject to criteria.

    If you also sell in person at fairs, pop-ups or even your own shop, you'll need public liability in the event that you cause injury to customers or the public, or cause damage to property due to your business activities.

    We can insure online retailers who import and export their goods to and from some overseas countries. Submit your details to get a quote via our online tool — we'll let you know if we can cover you.

  • Employers' liability

    Employers' liability insurance covers the costs if an employee becomes ill or gets injured as a consequence of the work they do for you, and decides to make a claim. In most cases, employers' liability cover is a legal requirement for employers. This includes those who employ casual staff. We cover you for £10 million, as standard.

  • Cyber cover

    With so many transactions taking place online, and so much data being shared, cyber security has become a key consideration for businesses. Relying on technology leaves businesses open to risk. However, having the right insurance in place can help mitigate those risks.

    If hackers subject your online store to a cyber attack, cyber cover would pay for the costs of investigating and rectifying damage to your systems, loss of revenue, compensation costs if there is a breach of customer information, and expenses to deal with the incident.

    We know how stressful being hacked can be, so if your business is being held to ransom by online criminals, we can provide access to specialist support to help you respond to the threat.

  • Buildings cover

    If there is an insured event, for example flood or fire in your workspace, our buildings cover will pay for the damage; this includes debris removal and architect fees.

    This cover is applicable if you own a shop, work from home or an office, as well as if you rent and have installed fixed shelving, a kitchen or bathroom.

    We include equipment breakdown cover (for items that form part of your building), as standard. So if your boiler or fire/burglar alarm breaks down, we can cover the costs of repairing or replacing the item, as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear.

  • Contents and stock

    If you run your online shop from home, it's likely that you will store your stock there too. But this won't necessarily be covered by your personal home insurance. Our stock insurance covers all your products or raw materials at your home, shop or office, as well as an extra 25% included as standard for two months of your choosing, for those busy periods. You can also choose to insure your stock in transit so you know you're covered when it's being delivered.

    Our contents insurance will cover your business equipment against damage or theft, including electrical items, business furniture, artwork and documents.

    We also offer a cover option that allows you to have important items, like your laptop or smart phone, insured on the go, which is especially useful if you travel a lot for work. Being connected is crucial when you run an online business. If your laptop is destroyed by an insured event while you're out and about, we can cover the cost of replacing it, so you can get a replacement laptop and keep fulfilling orders with minor interruption.

  • Business interruption

    Whether you're in your home office or in a shared space, if your working premises became unusable due to an insured event such as a fire or flood, business interruption would cover the costs of relocating until you can return to your original premises. It can also cover you for loss of turnover during this time.

    If your main supplier's premises are damaged and they can't trade, your business will be affected. We'll cover you for the loss of turnover for that time, up to a limit of £50,000.

    Our business interruption cover can insure you if you or one of your key employees becomes seriously disabled and is unable to continue work. We will cover the incurred costs, up to £25,000, to minimise any interruption to the business.

  • Legal expenses

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Policy documents

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Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 15 July 2018 until 31 March 2019, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.

Below is a summary of a generic policy, from 1 April 2019 onwards, which shows the main covers and exclusions in our policies.