Cyber insurance

If you are a victim of cyber crime or your website is hacked, then our cyber cover will help you take control and deal with the fallout.

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Do I need cyber insurance?

Regardless of whether you work alone or manage a large team, if you use email or a smartphone, have a website, or hold customer data you could be exposed to cyber threats. If a hacker got hold of customer information stored on your network or gained access to your online bank account, the impact on your business could be devastating. And in today's digital world, activities that could put you at risk can be as simple as using a computer or making online payments. That's why it's important to consider cyber insurance.

Following a cyber attack we will:

  • cover the costs of fixing the problem and restoring your systems and data, as well as the costs to investigate a data breach and notification of affected parties.
  • provide advice on cyber security improvements that you could make to prevent future incidents.
  • provide expert support to help you minimise the damage to your business operation and reputation.
  • cover the fines (where insurable by law) and compensation costs you are ordered to pay if you are held responsible for a data breach. You may have also breached data protection laws or contractual obligations (such as confidentiality agreements).
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How does cyber insurance work?

If your business is affected by cyber crime - for example, if you experience system downtime or loss of data and corruption - we'll help you get back on your feet and into recovery mode.

We'll cover you for the following four areas:

1. Computer system damage

If your system is attacked, we will cover the costs of:

  • Fixing any damage to computer systems belonging to you or a service provider. We will also cover data restoration or re-creation.
  • Locating and removing a virus from your computer system.
  • Hiring professional consultants to provide advice on preventing future incidents.
  • Loss of business income and the additional expense needed to minimise the impact.

2. Cyber crime

We will cover your financial loss following:

  • Fraudulent data manipulation in your computer system (or your service provider's system which results in a loss to you), resulting in money being taken from an account or assets being transferred without your permission.
  • Your computer system being hacked. We'll cover any additional fees you are required to pay to your telephone service provider.
  • A cyber attack or release. If anyone threatens to perform a cyber attack or release, publish or manipulate data that would cause reputational damage, we will cover the cost of a response. We will also cover you if they carry out their threats. This includes payment of a ransom demand, if approved by us.

3. Data breach expenses

In the event of a data security breach, we will cover the following expenses:

  • Hiring professional IT services to help respond if you have unintentionally failed to keep your data privacy obligations.
  • Informing the data privacy regulator and other affected third parties.
  • Providing support services to third parties affected by the security breach.
  • Public relations and crisis-management experts to help you minimise damage to your brand, business operation and reputation.

4. Cyber liability

We will cover damages payable to a third party if:

  • You or your service provider fail to prevent a data breach.
  • You unintentionally transmit or fail to prevent a virus, hacking attack or denial of service attack from your computer system.
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Is my existing cyber security enough?

You may already have measures in place to maintain network security in the face of crime, but many small businesses do not have high enough levels of cyber security in place, or under appreciate the risks of human error, which makes them easy targets for hackers. It just takes one click on a suspect email attachment for cyber criminals to gain access to your system.

Read our tips on how to protect yourself against cyber crime.

How much will I be covered for?

We provide varying levels of cyber cover so you can select the amount that works for your business: up to £25,000, £50,000 or £100,000. These are annual aggregate limits i.e. the amount of cover you choose is the maximum we will pay out per year for any and all claims during the period of insurance.

Will I have to pay an excess if I make a claim?

Yes, a £500 excess will apply to any claim.

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