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Advantages and disadvantages of using letting agents

Letting agents provide a range of services, this can usually be tailored to your requirements. Check our list of pros and cons about using a letting agent

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These include: preparing the property for rent; marketing and advertising; carrying out safety and other property inspections; vetting tenants; drawing up the lease and inventory; managing the deposit; collecting rent and chasing rental arrears; and organising maintenance.

If you don’t live close to your rental property, you’ll probably need full management services. But if you do live nearby, you have a choice.You can employ an agent to carry out tenant finding services where they just show tenants the property and recommend a tenant or let only services where they find the tenant, move them in but you manage the tenancy.

There are more pros than cons to using a letting agent, so your choice may simply come down to cost, what you see as value for money and how much time you want to spend on letting your property.


  • Stringent vetting and referencing procedures mean you’re more likely to attract reliable tenants
  • The secure deposit protection scheme administration is taken care of for you
  • Letting agents can handle all of the paperwork in relation to your property
  • Rent can be collected and chased up on your behalf
  • Letting agents can deal with all the day-to-day property management and maintenance issues
  • As experts in their field, and with good knowledge of market conditions and demand,
  • letting agents will probably be able to achieve a higher rent than you would
  • Letting agents are up-to-date on current legislation affecting landlords
  • You have an objective and impartial buffer between you and your tenants
  • Letting agents are experienced in dispute resolution
  • If you need to evict a tenant, a letting agent knows the correct legal process
  • Employing an agent should reduce your workload (and possibly stress and anxiety)
  • Letting agents may be able to offer legal, landlord Insurance and tax advisory services.


  • Letting agents come at a price.Typically, they charge a set up fee and between 5% and 15% of the rental income. Make sure you understand what services you are getting for your money
  • If there are any problems, such as evicting a tenant, it will mean extra administration, paperwork and possibly cost
  • If the letting agents arrange repair work on your behalf, you may be charged an arranging fee, on top of the actual repair costs
  • Some agents apply additional charges to third party services such as organising Energy Performance Certificates, Gas Safety Certificates and even using their tenancy agreements

If you decide to use a letting agent, make sure you ask them:

  1. Are you a member of a professional body, such as the National Approved Lettings Scheme or The Association of Residential Letting Agents
  2. Do they have client money protection scheme
  3. How do you find tenants & how thorough is your referencing process?
  4. Who and how will the property be maintained?
  5. Can you have a full list of services and charges on one page?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Letting Agents

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Last Updated: 27th Feb 2019