Unspent criminal convictions and buy-to-let Insurance

Unspent criminal convictions and buy-to-let Insurance

What does an unspent criminal conviction mean for Buy-to-Let Insurance and how does it affect you as a landlord?

According to Ministry of Justice figures, 7.3 million people in the UK have an unspent criminal conviction. What is an unspent criminal conviction? What does this mean for Buy-to-Let Insurance and how does it affect you as a landlord?

What is an unspent criminal conviction?

A criminal conviction is imposed following a finding of guilt in the court. A conviction becomes 'spent' once the rehabilitation period has passed. The nature of the conviction affects the amount of time after which a criminal conviction becomes spent. Even small fines can have an unspent period.

Insurance and unspent criminal convictions

If as a landlord you fail to inform your insurance provider of your own unspent criminal convictions then you could invalidate your Landlord Insurance cover.

Essentially, the responsibility is on the person taking out the insurance to disclose the conviction or other material fact.

Insurance companies and 'Assumptions about you'

Don't get caught out by unknowingly failing to disclose unspent criminal convictions. You should always be aware of the assumptions. Speak to your adviser on the phone or check your insurance provider's website for assumptions insurance companies make about you (which includes you not having any unspent convictions).

Landlords and tenants who have unspent criminal convictions could find themselves in a difficult position. Informing insurers may result in a refusal to insure but failure to inform may invalidate the insurance cover if a claim is made and the unspent conviction discovered. UNLOCK, the National Association of Reformed Offenders provides further relevant information regarding insurance and unspent convictions on its website at: www.unlock.org.uk

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Last Updated: 04 Jan 2023