Loss of rent

When all your money comes from rental income you have to be sure that the money keeps coming in. Read more to find out about our policies and how they can help avoid cash flow problems

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Looking after landlords

Some people may argue that being a property 'magnate' is gaining money for doing nothing - but many landlords would say that this is unfair as there are complicated rules of business that govern both commercial and residential letting, not least in the form of the contracts that are required.

Cash flow problems

When all your money comes from rental income, the one thing you have to be sure of is that that money keeps coming in but there are unfortunately plenty of ways in which that cash flow can be stemmed. For instance, if a fire made the premises uninhabitable or it was damaged in a storm or flood, your tenants may be forced to move themselves or their business elsewhere, at least temporarily. However, if this did happen to you it would not all be doom and gloom because it is possible to insure yourself against such a scenario.

Landlord insurance and commercial property insurance from Direct Line for Business can help cover you in such a situation. So if it is not possible for you to rent the premises because the property is uninhabitable due to an insured incident (for example a fire) then you can make a claim for the shortfall in the rental income (subject to conditions).

Designed for you

Indeed, if you are a commercial or residential landlord, you should take a look at exactly what Direct Line for Business has to offer - as our policies can also include Landlords buildings insurance and Landlords contents insurance as well as employers' and public liability insurance (also referred to as property owners liability).