Insurance for tools

If you're a tradesman running your own business you would need your tools and equipment covered in the event of accidental damage and theft. Check our insurance for tools.

It would probably be fair to say that a good tradesman relies on his. Many tradesmen not only take years to learn a particular skill, they continue to learn throughout their working life as new tools and techniques become available. And they are the first port of call when anything needs fixing or renovating around the house.

Covering essential equipment

If you are a tradesman running your own business, you will understand how important your reputation is, as much business is generated by word of mouth. Completing a job to a high quality and on time is vital, and this can be put at risk if something happened to the tools of your trade. Thankfully, you can insure yourself against certain instances should this happen, through Direct Line for Business.

With our public liability insurance cover, your tools and equipment can be covered in the event of accidental damage and theft (for qualifying criteria see the policy document) - so if you are forced to replace them you know you are covered. This also applies to any insured employees should tools and equipment belonging to you be lost or damaged.

If you use a van as part of your business, you might also want to consider having a look at Direct Line Van Insurance, which can cover you against theft, fire and a range of other claims.