Tradesman Toolbox

Tradesman Toolbox

Find out how to stay safe on a construction site with Direct Line for Business's Tradesman Toolbox.

Be smarter. Stay safe on site.

Life on a building site is no joke.

Sure you can enjoy the crack, which is all part of life in the trades, but if you don't pay careful attention to what you're doing and the environment around you, you could find yourself damaging work and tools, or injuring yourself and your workmates.

To succeed as a tradesman you need to be professional. After all, there are enough cowboys out there already. Be smarter, stay safe on site, and you'll be fine.

To help you stay safe

Common hazards everyone should be aware of.

Are you an eagle-eyed tradesman or a sloppy slacker?

See if you can spot the 10 hazards and safety risks on our building site.

There is one hazard on each level, but you only have three lives to get through all 10 levels. When you've finished, share your score on social and challege your mates.

Now you are aware of the potential hazards on site, find out how to protect yourself here.

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