Best value cities for hair and beauty treatments revealed Best value cities for hair and beauty treatments revealed

Best value cities for beauty treatments revealed

  • Average combined cost of a cut and blow-dry, half-leg wax and full-body spray tan in the UK is £72.32
  • Average cost of a cut and blow-dry at a salon in the UK is £35.24
  • London is the most expensive place to look 'lush', costing 20 per cent more than the UK average
  • Glasgow is the cheapest city for hair and beauty treatments

London, 17 August 2017: New research1 by small business insurer Direct Line for Business reveals Glasgow as the UK's beauty bargain capital with popular beauty treatments costing 17 per cent less than the national average.

Analysing the cost of three popular beauty treatments – a cut and blow-dry, half-leg wax and spray tan – across twelve major cities in the UK, Glasgow came in as the cheapest hair and beauty hotspot, with the three treatments costing a combined £60.03 on average, compared to an average of £72.32 across the UK. London, meanwhile, came in as the most expensive city, with these treatments costing a combined £86.77.

The research revealed the average cost of a cut and blow-dry at a hairdressing salon in the UK is £35.24, with London (£42.46) the most expensive and Glasgow (£26.88) the cheapest.

However, salons provide a wide range of pricing options for beauty-seekers. Nearly four fifths (79 per cent) of businesses offer a range of prices, from junior stylists up to creative, salon and managing directors. On average, costs vary from £30.44 to £40.78 – a difference of £10.34, depending on the experience and expertise of the person carrying out the treatment.

The average cost of a full-body spray tan, meanwhile, stands at £21.77 across the UK, with Bristol (£26.68) coming out as the most expensive location and Glasgow (£18.76) again the cheapest. This is possibly good news for Glaswegians, who have an average of 46 minutes less sunshine every day2 compared to their Bristolian counterparts.

When it comes to leg waxing, Bristol comes in with the lowest price for treatments costing (£13.90). Glasgow comes in at second place with £14.40, while London is once again the priciest location, with the average half-leg wax costing £18.45, which is over £3 more than the national average.

Carly Menken, Head of New Products at Direct Line for Business, said: "Hair and beauty businesses are a fixture of the British high street, with nearly 100,000 businesses operating across the nation3. While looking beautiful doesn't always come cheap, workers in the industry spend long hours honing their skills and investing in the best products, making customers feel wonderful and giving them more confidence."

Table One: The cost of hair and beauty treatments across the UK relative to monthly disposable income

City Total treatment cost (hair, tan and wax) Percentage difference in price vs. UK average Percentage of monthly disposable income3
London £86.77 +20.0% 4.6%
Bristol £76.78 +6.1% 5.2%
Manchester £76.74 +6.1% 6.4%
Southampton £75.50 +4.4% 6.3%
Cardiff £73.38 +1.4% 5.0%
Newcastle £73.10 +1.1% 5.5%
Liverpool £71.93 -0.6% 5.9%
Belfast £69.35 -4.1% 4.9%
Leeds £68.45 -5.4% 4.9%
Birmingham £68.11 -5.8% 5.9%
Nottingham £67.92 -6.1% 6.6%
Glasgow £60.03 -17.0% 4.7%
UK AVERAGE £72.32 - 4.7%

Source: Direct Line for Business 2017

When comparing the cost of these beauty treatments to disposable income4 London actually came out as the most affordable city for hair and beauty, with the three treatments costing just 4.6 per cent of the monthly disposable income in the capital. Nottingham, meanwhile, despite having the second cheapest combination of treatments at just £60.03, was the most expensive city relative to disposable income, with the treatments representing 6.6 per cent of the disposable income per month.

Table Two: Cost breakdowns for individual beauty treatments

City Average cut and blow-dry Average half-leg wax Average full body spray tan
London £42.46 £18.45 £25.86
Glasgow £26.88 £14.40 £18.76
Cardiff £38.38 £14.95 £20.05
Manchester £40.81 £15.90 £20.03
Liverpool £36.50 £14.35 £21.08
Birmingham £33.71 £14.90 £19.50
Nottingham £31.35 £16.67 £19.91
Belfast £33.70 £14.75 £20.90
Newcastle £33.50 £15.60 £24.00
Leeds £34.40 £14.55 £19.50
Bristol £36.20 £13.90 £26.68
Southampton £34.30 £15.30 £25.90
UK AVERAGE £35.24 £15.31 £21.77

Source: Direct Line for Business 2017

Checkout our infographic below on the UK Hair and beauty treatment index and find out more about the average cost of a haircut, wax and spray tan in the UK.

Infographic of the UK Hair and beauty Treatment index

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Notes to Editors

1 Direct Line for Business analysis of salons offering the following treatments in 12 major conurbations across the UK:

  • Cut and blow-dry
  • Half-leg wax
  • Full-body spray tan
10 salons from each city were chosen based on popularity and average prices were taken, accounting for the range in price from the most expensive treatment to the least. All research conducted in April 2017.

2 Direct Line for Business analysis of Met Office data on annual hours of sunshine in 12 weather stations located near the cities surveyed in this initiative. Glasgow has an average of 03 hours 41 minutes of sunshine per day, compared to 04:27 in Bristol.

3 Direct Line for Business analysis of data conducted in November 2016.

4 Direct Line for Business analysis of ONS Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) per head data.

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