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The rise of the Mumpreneur

According to our research, the Mumpreneur, or work at home Mum starting a business, is on the rise and three out of five mothers are apparently thinking about launching their own business.

With motivations being cited including juggling childcare, and being able to spend more time with their children, mums across the country are looking to set up a business from the family home. Check out the top five reasons in the infographic below.

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Mumpreneur infographic looking at why mothers choose to start a business from home

Three out of five mums consider launching a business from home

  • Two thirds of mums (65 per cent) with children under ten years of age are considering starting a business from home in the next three years.
  • One in six (16 per cent) are motivated by the childcare costs attached to traditional nine-to-five jobs.
  • Nearly half of mums (49 per cent) believe that they would be financially better off if they started a business from home.

New research from Direct Line for Business (DL4B) reveals that nearly two thirds of mums (65 per cent) with children under the age of ten are considering starting a business from home in the next three years. One in five (20 per cent) mums with children under ten years of age would consider starting a business from home to spend more time with their children.

A sixth (16 per cent) of mothers are doing so because of the prohibitive childcare costs associated with working a traditional nine-to-five job. With recent figures putting full-time annual childcare costs at £11,7002 for two children, it is understandable that almost half of the mothers (49 per cent) surveyed believe that they would be better off financially, if they started a business from home.

Jazz Gakhal, Head of Direct Line for Business commented: "The costs of sending a child to day care, or hiring a nanny continue to spiral. It’s great to see that mums are tackling this problem with such an entrepreneurial spirit, as they understand considerable child care cost savings can be made by running a business from home".

"While launching a business from home has many benefits, it also brings its own set of challenges. These ventures often require substantial financial investment, alongside the time and effort required to build a business from scratch. The effects of theft, damage to stock or to customer property can therefore be devastating on both a personal and business level; we urge business owners to consider organising business insurance as a priority to protect their investments."

UK Mums’ top 5 reasons for starting a business from home

  Percentage of annual costs Annual value


Allow me to spend more time with my children



Cost of child care if I worked away from home



Flexibility of being my own boss



Lifelong ambition to start my own business



Don't/didn't like my current job


Source: Direct Line for Business

One in seven mums (14 per cent) are motivated to start a business from home by the flexibility of being their own boss, while one in eight (12 per cent) have always had the ambition to start their own business. Only one per cent is motivated by the fact that they do not like their current job.

DL4B recognises that there are substantial childcare savings to be made from operating a business from home, but budding mumpreneurs need to ensure that they are fully prepared for their venture, from understanding the risks of launching a business through to insurance requirements. Mumpreneurs need to be aware that basic home insurance does not cover Stock, customer property or liability arising out of an injury to a client in connection with the business that they are undertaking from home, so to protect themselves, business insurance cover should be arranged.

For more information on DL4B home business insurance cover, please visit the website:

Notes to editors

Consumer intelligence interviewed 721 mums with children under 10 years old on behalf of DL4B between 29th and 31st Jan 2014

Family and Childcare trust – 4th March 2014

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