Until death do us part - how loyal are you to your hairdresser? Until death do us part - how loyal are you to your hairdresser?

Until death do us part

  • More than half (53 per cent) of Brits claim to be faithful to their hairdresser
  • UK adults are more likely to have a 'relationship' with a particular salon than a significant other
  • People in the North East most likely to be committed to one hairdresser
  • Londoners preen themselves more than anyone else, with 13 trims per year

London, 27 July 2017: New research1 by insurance provider Direct Line for Business reveals Brits' loyalty to their hairdressers, with 53 per cent always visiting the same hairdresser or barber, and a further 15 per cent only 'betraying' their regular hairdresser if forced to.

Older Brits are more likely to be faithful to their hairdresser, as 57 per cent of over 55s visit the same hairdresser, compared with 46 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds. The most loyal region is the North East, where nearly two thirds (63 per cent) say they always go to the same hair professional. At the other end of the spectrum, people in the South West are most likely to shop around with 47 per cent committed to one hairdresser.

When compared to other significant commitments, our reluctance to entrust our hair to someone new is equally clear as more Brits are 'in a relationship' with a salon (74 per cent) than with another person (69 per cent), with loyal consumers spending more than eight years going to the same hairdresser or barber.

Table One: Percentage committed to a salon compared with percentage committed to a person

Region In a relationship 'In a relationship with' salon Average length of 'relationship' with salon
Northern Ireland 69% 80% 8 years 8 months
North West 72% 78% 8 years 1 month
North East 72% 78% 8 years 8 months
London 59% 77% 8 years 3 months
Yorkshire & Humber 74% 75% 7 years 3 months
Scotland 66% 75% 9 years 8 months
Wales 69% 73% 10 years 7 months
South East 71% 72% 6 years 4 months
South West 64% 72% 7 years 3 months
East of England 73% 72% 8 years 6 months
West Midlands 81% 70% 7 years 7 months
East Midlands 57% 69% 8 years 3 months
Total 69% 74% 8 years 2 months

Source: Direct Line for Business 2017

Loyalty is evident in the duration of these relationships as well, as the average loyal consumer visits their hairdresser for eight years. 15 per cent have been with the same hairdresser for 11 to 20 years, and eight per cent have stayed loyal for 21 to 40 years. The latter figure rises to 12 per cent among the over 55s. Glaswegians have the longest relationships with their hair stylists (12 years) and 14 per cent of residents of the Scottish city claim to have been seeing the same one for 21 to 30 years.

Jane Guaschi, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, said: "Brits have their local pubs, favourite sports teams, and preferred way of preparing a cup of tea. This research shows that our loyalty extends to who we choose to do our hair, as so many of us have been with the same hairdresser for years. As with any business, professionalism and expertise among hair professionals translate into customer retention and long-term success."

Among the 26 per cent of Brits who say they do not visit the same hairdresser regularly, over a third (36 per cent) claim to cut their own hair while others trust the task to partners or family members (29 per cent).

Brits who visit salons have on average eight trims per year. Four per cent of respondents claim to get a trim or cut and finish every week. At the top of the list are Londoners who get trims most frequently - around 13 times per year with 27 per cent of people in the capital getting a trim more than once a month.

The popularity of American-style blow dry bars is also reflected in the findings, as 10 per cent of Londoners have a blow dry every week (compared with three per cent of all Brits), with an average of nine blow dries per year. Nearly a third of Brits (30 per cent) have full-head colour, and a quarter (25 per cent) have half-head colour regularly. More than one in ten (11 per cent) Londoners claim to get a half-head colour every week.

Table Two: Frequency of hair treatments among those who visit a hairdresser regularly2

Treatment How often Brits have these done on average
Trim 8 times per year
Cut and finish 6 times per year
Blow dry 5 times per year
Half-head colour 2 times per year
Full-head colour 2 times per year

Source: Direct Line for Business 2017

Jane Guaschi, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, continued: "Even if you have a loyal customer base and often perform treatments you're familiar with, it's important to be covered in case anything goes wrong. Aside from the reputational cost associated with disappointing a customer, you could end up paying a hefty sum for an accident if you don't have adequate insurance cover."

For more information about Direct Line for Business' Hair and Beauty Insurance, please visit: https://www.directlineforbusiness.co.uk/small-business-insurance/hair-and-beauty-insurance

Notes to Editors

1 Opinium Research interviewed a UK nationally representative sample of 2,004 people, between 13th and 18th of April

2 Please note that this excludes those who said they never have these treatments

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