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Common business fails and how to overcome them.

Even the best entrepreneurs make mistakes from time to time. Here are some tips on how you can avoid making them too.

Find out if your business is relevant
Research often and early. Don’t be scared to talk to people about your idea. Don’t ask them what they think of it but how they think it might fail – this insight will be much more valuable. Use technology: online forums and social platforms can be a great way to get instant feedback.

Make sure your business can make sufficient profit
Know your competitors and make sure your numbers stack up. Talk to your competition; find out what they’re doing and what their customers think. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to stand out – just do it better! Invest time in pulling together a solid business plan. If this isn’t a skill you feel comfortable with, look for templates to guide you. Also, get out there and network. Find fellow business owners who’ve done it successfully and tap into their knowledge.

Set achievable goals and be patient
Don’t expect to make your first million in your first few months. Take it slow, set yourself small goals and celebrate your success. It can feel isolating running a business from home so make sure you get a good support network around you.

All in all, don’t underestimate the importance of good planning! Do your research early, make sure your numbers stack up, and be realistic. 

But if you do fail, don’t beat yourself up about it. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have experienced some epic fails in their time.

Your business failures can also often lead to some of your most defining moments. 

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Last Updated: 06 Aug 2015