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Top tips for small businesses selling online

Learn a bit about photography

Good photography is key to selling your products online.

Make use of natural light instead of your camera's flash where possible, and be sure to keep the background of your product photography as minimal as possible (unless it's a lifestyle photograph).

It's also worth learning a little bit about photography, and the software that's behind it. If you can provide high resolution photos of your products, this will make your business all the more appealing to customers and any journalists or news publications that may want to feature you.

Make sure your site is secure

Selling your products online comes with a great deal of responsibility, and ensuring that your clients' details are secure is crucial.

It's important to collect your customers' email addresses to help grow your database, and your business, but make sure that their details are secure once you have them, and never give the details you gather from your online shop to third parties.

You'll also be taking credit and debit card payments online, so make sure that you register with a well-known and trusted merchant to protect your customer's financial information.

Don't just sell your product

Tell your customers how they can use your product, not just what it is.

It's also worth spending some time writing tutorials and blog posts about your products, and be sure to incorporate social media. Taking a teaser photo to show off your product and posting it on your business's social media accounts will help to drive people to that particular page fearturing that product.

Ask your friends and family to help out

Even if your business is only a small one, asking your friends and family to help out during busy periods can be a great idea. Not only will they help to spread the word about your business (and maybe even gain you a few new customers in the process), but they can also help to lighten your own workload.

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Last Updated: 08 Dec 2015