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7 ways to help lower premiums and get the best van insurance

You want the best van insurance at the best price. These top tips can help you lower your premiums.

Your van is probably a business essential, but are you forking out more than you should be? With our seven simple tips, you could lower your premiums and get the best van insurance price possible.

Size matters

We're not suggesting you downsize more than is practical, but smaller vans tend to have lower insurance premiums. If you're driving a long-wheelbase van but aren't using all the space inside, it might be worth thinking about something smaller. It could bring your premium down, so you get the best van insurance deal available.

Go green

Bigger engines mean vans have more speed, and that increases the risk of them being involved in an accident - which pushes premiums up. Opting for smaller, more eco-friendly engines can bring van insurance costs down.

Prove you're safe

There are two things you can do to show you're a safe driver. Firstly, declare your No Claims Bonus if you have one. Even if you've only been accident free for one or two years, it can bring your costs down. Secondly, consider taking up an insurer's offer to use telematics. These devices track how you drive and share that data with your insurer so they can see you're safe and responsible.

Stay secure

Thieves often target vans - especially unmarked ones. They might want what's inside, or the van itself, so adding extra security features can help you get the best van insurance. Alarms and immobilisers are just the start.

Fitting a tracking device or security-etching it with unique codes could also help. And parking it securely in a garage or off the road overnight will also help. If you can't do that, empty your van every evening, and consider adding a sticker to make it clear to potential thieves that there are no tools inside.

Manage your mileage

The more your van is on the road the more likely it is to be involved in an accident. That's why having a higher yearly mileage can increase your insurance costs. Try to keep your mileage in check as much as possible, only driving absolutely necessary journeys. Log your miles accurately and give the correct number when it's time to renew. Rounding your mileage up might be less hassle but it could also bump up your premium.

Designate drivers

Having more drivers on an insurance policy may push up premiums. And if you have a young driver (under 25) or someone with a claims history, points or convictions named on the policy, then be ready for costs to increase. Before adding more named drivers, think carefully about whether they really need to be able to drive.

Mind the mods

Modified vans might look great, and may even perform better - but they're usually more expensive to insure. Not only are the modified parts hard and expensive to replace if they get damaged, but criminals are more likely to steal modified vans.

These tips should help you save money on your insurance premiums, but there are other ways to keep costs down - whether your van is for private use or commercial.

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Last Updated: 22 Jan 2020