7 tips to help lower premiums and get the best van insurance 7 tips to help lower premiums and get the best van insurance You want to get the best van insurance you can...

7 tips to help lower premiums and get the best van insurance

You want to get the best van insurance you can, and for many people price will play a part in that. These tips will help you keep your premiums lower.

Anyone who runs a business knows that keeping your overheads as low as you can is important. Of course, you can’t escape forking out for necessary overheads, and if you own a van, or run a fleet, then van insurance is going to be one of those expenses you have to pay.

Here are seven simple tips that could help you lower your premiums to get the best van insurance price you can.

Think Small

Nobody’s suggesting you buy a smaller van than is practical, but smaller vans will tend to have lower insurance premiums. If you don’t really need a long-wheelbase van, but could do just as well with a compact van, it’s a great way to bring the premium down and make sure you get the best van insurance on offer.

Go Green

The size of the van engine does impact premiums. Bigger, more powerful engines make the van more capable of fast driving. That can mean they are more likely to be involved in an accident, and therefore your costs can get bumped up. Opting for smaller more eco-friendly engines can help bring your van insurance costs down.

Prove You’re Safe

There are two points here. If you have a No Claim Bonus, declare it. The fact that you’ve been accident free for a number of years, even if it’s just one or two, can bring costs down. Secondly, consider taking up an insurer’s offer to use telematics. These devices will relay information on how you drive to the insurer. If they see you’re a safe and responsible driver, then you’ll find you get the best van insurance price they can offer you.

Secure It

Vans, especially unmarked ones, are a prime target for theft either for the van itself or for potential contents. Adding additional security features to your van can help you get the best van insurance. Alarms and mobilisers are just the start. If you can afford to fit a tracking device to the van or have it security etched (marked with unique codes) this might also help. And of course, having it parked securely off the road overnight is also a factor.

Be Accurate On Mileage

Your mileage has an effect on your van insurance costs. Basically the more a van is on the road the more likely it is to be involved in an accident. Try to keep your mileage in check where possible, limiting driving to only the absolutely necessary journeys. Log your miles accurately and give the number when it’s time to renew. Rounding your mileage up might be less hassle but it could bump up the price of your insurance.

Select Drivers Carefully

The more drivers you have on an insurance policy the higher the premium will be. If you have a young driver (under 25) named on the policy, or someone with a claims history, or points and convictions, then be ready for the costs to increase further. Before adding people as named drivers carefully consider if they really need to be able to drive the van to make sure you get the best van insurance possible.

Mind The Mods

Modified vans look great, no doubt about that, and may even perform better, but modified vans are more expensive to insure as a rule. Not only are specialised or modified parts hard to replace in the event of damage, and more expensive, but modified vans appear to be more enticing to criminals.

Price is of course only one consideration when purchasing van insurance, but it makes sense to ensure that you do everything you can to not pay more than you need to no matter if your van is for private use or commercial.

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Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017