A letting agent is giving a tenant keys to a property.

Malicious Damage by Tenants cover

Insure your property for intentional damage by tenants

Optional extra. Additional premium applies.

Malicious Damage cover for landlords

It's every landlord's nightmare - your rental property has been deliberately trashed and the repairs and the replacement of broken items such as furniture and fittings could run into thousands of pounds.

Our Landlord Insurance provides this policy feature depending on who carried out the damage:
Malicious Damage as standard Burglars, vandals or anyone unlawfully on the property.
Malicious Damage by Tenants as an optional extra (additional premiums apply) Tenants, family or anyone lawfully on the property.

How do I cover damage carried out by people unlawfully on the premises?

As part of a Direct Line for Business Landlord Insurance policy, Malicious Damage cover is a standard part of our Buildings and Contents cover. If you choose buildings/and or contents cover, we'll insure you for damage deliberately carried out by people unlawfully on your property. For example, your rental property could be broken into by vandals who spray graffiti all over the walls.

This feature won't cover damage caused by your employees, tenants or anyone else lawfully on the premises. If you want to cover damage intentionally caused by tenants you'll need Malicious Damage by Tenants cover.

How do I cover damage carried out by tenants?

As an optional extra, you can include damage carried out by the tenants on purpose by taking out Malicious Damage by Tenants cover. This will cover you up to the sum insured of the Buildings and Contents cover you've chosen.

For instance, some landlords are unlucky enough to have tenants who vandalise the property. This can happen at any time, but can be more likely to happen at the end of a tenancy if things end badly, perhaps in eviction. Tenants might punch holes in doors and walls, rip out kitchen units, or vandalise the walls or furniture.

At the worst extreme, a tenant might set up a cannabis farm that could cause thousands of pounds of structural damage that would be costly and time-consuming to put right.

How can the cover get my property back to normal?

If you've chosen Buildings cover, and taken the Malicious Damage by Tenants option, we'll pay the cost up to the sum insured of repairing the structure of the building, and fixed kitchen and bathroom units.

For Contents cover with Malicious Damage by Tenants, we'll pay the cost up to the sum insured of repairing or replacing landlords' contents, such as furniture, televisions, and DVD players.

There's a £500 excess for Malicious Damage by Tenants claims.

Both Malicious Damage and Malicious Damage by Tenants cover are designed to get your rental property back to the way it was before the damage occurred, so you can get back to renting out your property.

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