Direct Line for Business Legal Documents for Small Businesses

Complying with the law and having the correct legal documentation is critical for small businesses. Not having the right documentation could put your business at risk for a range of potentially devastating legal issues.

This usually means a costly and time-consuming meeting with a solicitor to make sure your business is covered for any legal disputes. For example, employment agreements can cost £500 while debt collection letters for unpaid invoices can total £210 each.

Fortunately, Direct Line for Business Legal Documents service is here to help and is included as standard when you buy or renew a Direct Line for Business insurance policy from 1st February 2016.

This video shows you what our Legal Documents service is for and how to use it, or click here to read about it.

This service isn't available with our Van Insurance, Hotel Insurance, Pub and Restaurant Insurance or Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Making your legal paperwork easy

Direct Line for Business Legal Documents means you can draft crucial legal documents, including employment contracts, health and safety policies and debt collection letters for unpaid invoices. And for extra peace of mind, our solicitors are on hand to check and approve the documents you create using the service – at no extra cost to you.

Simply choose the document you want to create and answer a few simple questions to create your legal documents. You can even save your documents for future reference, or update them as and when you need to.

With our Legal Document service you can get access to a range of quality legal documents, contracts, policies and letters to help you fully comply with the law. Here are some frequently used documents that small businesses need to draw up that our service can provide:

  • Employment agreement
  • Employment statement
  • Employee handbook
  • Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices
  • Privacy policy for a website
  • Job offer letter
  • Health and safety compliance review and policy creator
  • Terms and conditions for website selling consumer goods and/or services
  • Consultancy agreement

Please note that once you buy or renew your policy with us, it may take up to 48 hours to register your details with our Legal Documents Service. You'll receive a Welcome email to confirm your registration. You won't be able to use the service before registration is completed.

How do I get started?

If you already have a qualifying Direct Line for Business insurance product, click here to start using the Legal Documents service.

Legal Document Service

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Document services are provided by Epoq Group Limited. Legal helpline and document review services are provided by MyLawyer Solicitors LLP.