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Personal accident insurance

The personal accident insurance covers the employee. In case of a fatal accident a payment to the individual or the family would be made. Click here to know more about it

Unfortunately, there is always a very small possibility that this can be the case.

The workplace itself, the nature of machinery in some workplaces, the fact that many jobs might involve driving and, sadly, the fact that some businesses could be targeted by robbers or staff could be assaulted by 'customers' - all of these create the potential for serious incidents.

Of course, one has to look at scenarios like this realistically. According to the most recently available statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, there were 241 fatal accidents in the workplace in the 2006/07 period - these accounted for less than one in 100,000 employed people. Similarly there were 28,267 major injuries, accounting for 107 per 100,000 workers.

The main cause for these deaths and injuries were from a fall from height, incidents involving motor vehicles and injuries caused by falling objects.

When it comes to incidence of robbery and violent attack the picture is not altogether different. According to the British Crime Survey for 2006/07, the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime was 3.6% - however, this applies to all crime, not just in the workplace. However, only 2% of all incidents of robbery required a victim to be treated in hospital.

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Whilst Employers' Liability cover is required by law and protects you in the event that an employee claims against you for an injury incurred during their employment, Personal Accident cover is predominantly a benefit. In the event you or an employee are unable to work due to an injury incurred in the course of employment, Personal Accident cover will make a weekly payment to the individual, or in the unlikely event of death, a lump sum payment to the family. At a time when finances may be short due to the inability to work, this cover can give much needed financial assistance - and that's why many of the business insurance policies from Direct Line for Business include Personal Accident as an optional extra.

We also include in many of our policies as standard, Personal Accident (Assault) cover. This is a similar product to Personal Accident except that the cover is limited to an injury or death as a result of a robbery either actioned or attempted.

To find out about our range of business insurance and those that offer personal accident cover - and to get a quote in minutes - just visit the relevant section of this website.

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Last Updated: 04 Jun 2015