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Time for telematics?

Less than 3% of van drivers use telematics, but for many people it could mean lower insurance premiums. Find out more.

By Jazz Gakhal, Director of Direct Line for Business in For Van Drivers.

red van with motion blur

There are more than three million van drivers on the roads of Britain. Each one covers an average of three hundred and fifty-five miles a month to get to jobs across the country. Despite this, less than three per cent are using telematics devices in their vehicles.

This is partly because over 50 per cent of van drivers haven’t been offered telematics by their insurer, but also because more than two in five van drivers are unfamiliar with the concept and how it works.

Telematics is often referred to simply as ‘black box’ insurance, and is a developing technology that works by monitoring and assessing your driving style, such as cornering, braking and accelerating. This analysis can be either through a box that is fitted to the vehicle or a mobile app. This means that safer driving can lead to lower premiums and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

According to our research, once van drivers find out about telematics, they’re generally positive about the benefits. It also found that 42 per cent said that they were interested in trying it because their van insurance premiums would be based on actual driving data. Maybe you’ve previously been pigeonholed into an expensive premium due to the type of van you own or because you live in a high risk postcode? If that’s the case then telematics could be the answer.

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Jazz Gakhal

Jazz Gakhal
Last Updated: 8 Mar 2018