Electricians' Insurance

Even with the utmost care and attention, accidents can happen. Check our flexible policies and don’t let a mistake damage your company and clients.

We know that electricians are bright sparks. It's a profession that requires a lot of patience and specialist skills, and you've probably put years into getting the right qualifications for the job, perfecting your business model and building on your reputation.

But whether you're commercial or residential, experienced or starting out, you're working with dangerous tools around the public and other people's properties. Even with the utmost care and attention, accidents can happen, and in your trade the cost of one mistake could be huge for both your company and clients. We will establish whether you are liable for damage and help to defend your position if required.

That's why it's vital that your investment is protected by a policy that's as focused on protecting your business as you are. Our public liability cover comes at £1m standard and we've got the option to include employers' liability insurance for those of you running a team.

You know better than anyone how dangerous electricity can be. Safeguard against the problems that accidents can cause with a policy designed to protect your business.

Policy documents

View and download policy documents here:

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