A Guide To Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance: All you need to know about optional insurance extras

Standard Tradesman Insurance gives you public liability cover. But for many trade businesses, a range of other insurance covers may be necessary. Check some extras you can add to your insurance

Standard Tradesman Insurance gives you public liability cover. But for many trade businesses, a range of other insurance covers may be necessary. When insuring your business, you should make sure you understand all options and levels of cover. Here are some of the optional extras available from Direct Line for Business which you can add to your Public Liability Insurance to give you the cover your business needs.

Increased Public Liability cover

If there is accidental damage to property or injury to members of the public in connection with your business, you could find a claim made against you. Public Liability Insurance covers you should this happen and you are held legally liable. With Direct Line for Business’ Tradesman Insurance, you can increase your Public Liability cover from the standard £1million up to £2million or £5million

Employers’ Liability cover

If you have employees, you'll need Employers’ Liability Insurance. This is a legal requirement in most cases and provides cover up to £10million if one of your employees becomes injured and you are found responsible.

Cover for injury to working partners

If a working partner, (rather than an employee or a member of the public) is injured in relation to your business, this extension will insure you against claims.

Tools and business equipment cover

Your tools are a vital part of your business, so you want to be sure they’re covered in the event of accidental damage or theft. Insurance is available to cover the cost of tool replacement or repair up to £5,000 per employee.

Business stock cover

In the same manner as the tools and business equipment extension, this cover insures essential business stock, such as bricks or tiles, against unforeseeable damage or theft, up to the value of £5,000.

Own Plant cover

Own Plant cover insures your own machinery, equipment, temporary buildings and site
huts against theft, accidents and unforeseeable damage up to £50,000.

Hired in Plant cover

The Own Plant cover extension does not include hired equipment you may use for the duration of a particular contract- whether it’s construction machinery like cement mixers, temporary buildings, or site huts. For this, a separate extension is needed, which covers damage or theft of hired plant facilities, up to the value of £20,000 per item.

Contract Works cover

If you are contracted for a particular task e.g. build an extension or fit a bathroom, and it gets damaged or destroyed before completion, business stock insurance alone will not cover the cost of the labour it will take to repair. For that, you need Contract Works Insurance, which will allow you to recoup the excess cost of completing the contract, up to £500,000 per contract site.

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Last Updated: 29 Oct 2015