The Insurance Act 2015

The Insurance Act 2015 is a new piece of UK government legislation that becomes effective on the 12th August 2016. The purpose of this Act is to update the law in the below areas in line with best practise in the modern UK insurance market.

You should not rely on any of the information in these frequently asked questions to make decisions about your insurance as individual circumstances may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the changes that are being made?

There are several changes being made but the main three areas affecting customers are:

  1. The Duty of Fair Presentation: You must undertake a reasonable search to provide Us with all material information relating to the insurance. We may make further enquiries as necessary.
  2. Terms and Conditions: If you make a claim we will take into account Your Policy terms and conditions that are relevant to the claim and that apply when the claim occurs.
  3. Making a claim: If you don’t fully meet our terms and conditions or provide all material information, we will, when processing the claim, take this into account. This may reduce your claim payment or could result in your policy being invalid. If you deliberately or recklessly provide inaccurate information your policy may be invalid.

Why is this being introduced? This is being introduced to modernise the law as the complexity of businesses and therefore their insurance needs have significantly increased over the years.

When does the Insurance Act apply? This applies to all policies that start or renew on the 12th August 2016 or later. Some aspects of the Act including the Duty of Fair Presentation applies to amendments to policies that started before the 12th August 2016.

How will the Insurance Act affect you?

If your policy starts before the 12th August 2016? When your renewal is due we’ll update your policy documents and let you know what the changes are.

If you're a new customer and my policy starts on or after the 12th August 2016? Your documents are already updated with the changes.

If your my renewal starts on or after the 12th August 2016? We'll send you a 'Notice to Policyholder' with your renewal invitation, which tells you about the changes we’re making to the terms and conditions of your policy. You should keep this with your policy wording as this updates the relevant sections.

Where can you find your policy wording? If you have an online account you'll be able to access it there or our latest policy wordings are available on our website Please check when your policy starts as it’s important to download the right policy wording that applies to you.

What should you do? As with all insurance policies you should read your policy documents to make sure all the details are correct and that you have the right level of cover you need. If you need to make any changes or have any questions about your policy let us know either online or over the phone.

Where can you find more information? You can find more information from the links below: