Boiler repair costs and maintenance tips the true cost of boiler breakdowns summary

Boiler repair costs and maintenance tips

There’s never a good time for a boiler to break and boiler repair costs are generally unexpected. Our infographic reveals the cost to landlords and what you can do to help avoid a boiler breakdown.

boiler warning to landlords infographic

As you can see, boiler repair costs can reach into the thousands. Our research shows that February is the most common for boiler insurance claims, while winter 2015/16 saw a 27% increase in claims for broken down boilers, averaging £1,200.

That’s why it's important landlords check their boilers are winter-ready to help avoid the hefty cost of boiler repair. Through good boiler maintenance and preparing for the worst you can reduce the cost of boiler breakdown repair or even avoid a breakdown altogether.

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Last Updated: 25th Jan 2017